Cannabis. Scientifically researched.
Professionally produced.

We are CannaFamily, designing scientifically created cannabis based products to improve wellness. Our co-founder is Jan Martin Paďouk, head of development and research, vice-president of the Czech Cannabis Cluster and a member of the expert commission in the field of cannabis in the Czech Chamber of Deputies.

His HARP research and application program focuses on the treatment of serious diseases, including oncological and neurological applications. HARP provides free cannabinoid preparations in order to offer an alternative route to conventional treatment.

What do we do?

Cannafamily operates the, and
e-shops, established in 2020. We are engaged in the research, production and sale of products with a high content of cannabinoids, which provide demonstrable support for physical and mental well being. Our products are obtained in full-spectrum form (CBD and CBG), including all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and polyphenols naturally occurring in cannabis. The effectiveness of the most well-known cannabinoids CBD and CBG thus increases several times due to the compound effect of the other components in the extract. Thanks to the development of our own extraction method, based on the use of medical ethanol, we guarantee products with a high degree of purity.

Cannabis preparation
research and application program

Our not-for-profit organizations of the Institute of Social Investigative Studies and the HARP (Human Application Research Program) program were established in 2015. Under the umbrella of these foundations, we run a research and application program using cannabis preparations, in which we admit patients with serious diseases of primarily oncological and neurological nature. This is a voluntary program in which we give patients full-spectrum cannabis extracts rich mainly in cannabinoids CBD and CBG in the dosage forms we have developed.

Dietary supplements
and cosmetics production

Based on the results of the HARP (Human Application Research Program), our goal is to bring to market only safe 100% natural vegan products (excluding pet products) whose entire manufacturing process meets strict GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) standards, and takes place exclusively on the territory of the Czech Republic. With CannaFamily, you can be sure that you will receive first-class quality cannabis products in line with evolving scientific knowledge.


We work on the methods and standards needed to produce a ‘’medical grade standard’’ production of cannabis, monitoring the factors influencing the pharmacological potential of cannabis plants and developing technology to progress cultivation efficiency.

Development and research

We have a laboratory in which we perform processing, testing and laboratory analysis of plants (only from the regime of organic farming), end products as well as specific extracts.

We cooperate with:
- The 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University,
- The Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague,
- The University Hospital U Sv. Anny in Brno/BIOCEV lab,
- The biotechnology and medical center of the Academy of Sciences
- Charles University in Vestec.

We also work closely with the world-renowned scientist doc. RNDr. Lumír Ondřej Hanuš, DrSc., who is described as a pioneer in cannabinoid research having been engaged in professional research in the field for over 50 years.

Vývoj inovativní extrakčně-rafinační jednotky pro zpracování rostlinných materiálů pro lékařské účely

Je spolufinancován Europskou unií.

Tento projekt se zaměřuje na experimentální a průmyslový výzkum extrakčně-
rafinační technologie rostlinných materiálů za účelem získávání výtažků. Výstupem projektu jsou celkem čtyři prototypy.

About the company

CannaFamily was established in 2016 and combined with the associated non-for-profit organizations of The Institute of Social Investigative Studies and the HARP program. Since 2020, we have been operating the, and e-shops. All our products are 100% natural and vegan (except for preparations for animals) and their development and production takes place in accordance with strict GMP standards, exclusively in the Czech Republic.

CannaFamily Projects

CannaCare is engaged in production and research in the field of dietary supplements and drugs, using extracts rich mainly in the cannabinoids CBD and CBG. Our vision in this area is to use an innovative approach to the production and processing of cannabis plants with a focus on their further use to improve overall wellness.
HARP runs our research and application program into cannabis preparations. Here we focus on the administration of full-spectrum cannabis extracts rich in CBD and CBG cannabinoids, developing dosage formulations for patients suffering from oncological and neurological disease and ailments. Our program here verifies their effectiveness through an observational research process, and collects medical data that can be used for further drug development.
Our Institute of Social and Scientific Studies is a not-for-profit organization, founded by a group of experts of various specializations, in order to centralize both European and world research and subsequent education of the professional public in the whole range of issues in the field of therapeutic effects of cannabinoids.
CannaPlus is our network of shops offering selected cannabinoid products. CannaPlus focuses on the selection and recommendation of hemp products, created by approved manufacturing partners.